Feature Comparison

Feature Dynamic Debt Annihilator Other Programs
Create Optimized Payoff Strategy Using Artificial Intelligence
Individual APRs with Balances
  • Credit Purchase
  • Balance Transfer
  • Cash Advance
Individual Introductory APRs with Expiration Dates
Specify Monthly and Yearly Fees Charged by Creditor
(Separate from interest rate fees)
Repayment Rule for Credit with Multiple APR Balances
Override Strategies by Prioritizing Debt if Needed
Unlimited Number of Creditors
Adjusts Minimum Monthly Payment Based on Multiple APR Balances
Easily Adjust for Additional "Important" Variables
  • Extra Cash Per Month
  • Adjust Extra Cash Per Month by
  • Apply One Time Extra Cash Payment
Save Additional Information About Creditors
(Can be used to report lost or stolen credit cards)
Print Reports and Graphics
Has Feature
Sometimes Has Feature
Doesn't Have Feature
Has Feature
Sometimes Has Feature
Doesn't Have Feature
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